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Dr. Brown featured in Patterson Today

Patterson Dental is one of the nations premier dental suppliers and distributor of Sirona CEREC and Cone Beam equipment.  Dr. Brown was one of the four U.S. dentists selected to test the new chairside Zirconia by Sirona.  His experience was extremely positive and was featured in Patterson Dental's magazine (distributed to dentists nationwide), "Patterson Today".   Zirconia offers the advantages of a high strength tooth colored restoration even when made very thin.  Being able to provide this service chairside in a single visit was an incredible accomplishment by Sirona.  Dr. Brown is proud to offer this service to his patients.


Implant Supported Teeth vs. Dentures

There are many advantages of implant supported teeth vs. traditional dentures.  The biggest advantage is the self-confidence people experience. There are may other reasons to select implant supported teeth instead of dentures.


MTM Clear Aligners for Straighter Teeth

MTM Clear-Aligner is the virtually undetectable way to straighted your teeth without traditional braces.  MTM Clear-Aligners, from Dentsply-Sirona, uses clear, removable aligners to correct slight misalignments of the front teeth.  Each aligner is custom fabricated to progressively advance your teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a healthy and beautiful smile. All for just a fraction of the time and lower cost of many other aligner or bracket treatments.  For more advanced cases, we will offer Invisalign clear aligners. 



Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Brown completed training and received certification by the Chao Pinhole Academy.  Pinhole surgery is the newest technique in gum rejuvenation.  Gum recession is a common condition as people enter middle age.  It can occur in people even with seemingly healthy gums.  The recession can be due to excessively hard brushing, poor brushing technique, or stress on the teeth from biting pressures.  Gum recession can result in sensitive teeth as root surface becomes exposed and potential tooth loss as the protective attached gingiva is lost and recession accelerates.  Receeding gums can also have an unsightly appearance.  The traditional treatment to correct receeding gums is to take a piece of tissue from the roof of the mouth and transplant it to the recession.  This requires sutures and the additional surgical site.  The Chao Pinhole technique requires only small pinholes to allow instruments to push the tissue back over the recession.  Collagen is added to keep the tissue in place.  No sutures are required and healing usually results in less post-operative discomfort.

Call for a consultation to see if Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation is right for you.


Changing the Dental Visit Dynamic

Why do people avoid going to the dentist? And how have we helped our patients?

1) Cost. This is one of the top reasons people do not get much needed dental work.  Let's face it, dental treatment can be expensive and dental insurance barely covers the minimum maintenance.  While Dr. Brown does not have the lowest  fees, we do provide the highest quality care with the latest technology at an extremely reasonable cost.  We also provides interest free financing through Care Credit (to qualified patients).  

2) Anxiety.  Fear of the dentist is common.  Dr. Brown offers many different ways to reduce dental anxiety.  Pre-appointment medication as well as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available.  In addition to these methods, Dr. Brown is licensed by tyhe State of Florida to provide intravenous conscious sedation.  But most of all, we listen to you.  We want toi make your visit as confortable as possible.

3) Too busy / don't like waiting.  In today's society, we all put a premium on time. No one likes to wait at a doctor's office.  Also, having to make multiple visits to complete treatment also takes more of your time.  We appreciate your time and try to be as considerate of it as possible. We do as much work in a single visit as you desire. And why take two or three visits to get a crown?  We can manufacture a strong porcelain crown in a single visit.  We strive to be on time. But when there is a short wait, we provide free WiFi for your convenience. 

4) Don't like the lecture.  Have you been to the dentist only to get reprimanded about your care and neglect?  We feel that it is our duty to inform you of your condition, the possible treatments available and the consequences of no treatment.  But we understand that once you are fully informed and understand, it is your decision to decide on your treatment.  We will assist you in any way you wish, but we understand that "the lecture" does no one any real benefit. We want to work with you to develop a treatment that you desire.

5) Fear of needing work.  Sometime ignorance is bliss, right?  Well, when it comes to dental care, ignorance can be more costly.  Often we have seen patients who need a simple filling.  This procedure is quick, easy and inexpensive.  But for any number of reasons, the patient does not have the work completed.  Unfortunately, dental problems don't go away on their own.  They get worse.  Now, this little cavity has grown into needing root canal therapy and a crown. Sometimes the work needed only reduces more extensive work later.

6) Bad memories.  We all learn that painful experiences are to be avoided.  Some people had traumatic dental experiences as a child and these memories and fears remain into adulthood.  There are many methods and techniques we employ to reduce or eliminate pain associated with dental treatment.  We usually will start with simple and quick procedures so that you can see that dentistry does not have to be painful.  As you experience more pain-free dentistry, we can progress from there.  Anti-anxiety medication can also be used to help you get over the fear from past experiences.

7) Pain and the Needle.  Who likes needles?  Not very many people. Who likes pain? Probably even fewer people.  Getting numb is the method we have to make sure that there is no pain associated with dental treatment.  The anesthetics we use today are extremely effective.  Pain during treatment is a thing of the past.  Unfortunately, the anesthetic needs to be injected.  We apply topical anestheia first to numb the tissues.  THis reduces the feeling associated with getting the injection.

8) Poor service.  Everyone deserves to be treated like they are appreciated.  You will find that Dr. Brown and his staff strive to provide you with the best service possible.  You are not a number or the next in line.  We care about every patient.  We listen to you and want to provide you with exceptional service.

We recognize the reasons why people avoid the dentist. We do our very best to make sure that at Implant Dentistry of Florida you exxperience none of these reasons.

CEREC Ortho - Invisalign

Dr. Brown has been selected to be one of the first dentists to use CEREC Ortho software.  Traditionally, to begin Invisalign treatment, physical impressions are taken and  sent to Align Technology (Invisalign) for the fabrication of aligners.  Sirona Dental, the company who manufactures CEREC, has developed the highly accurate CEREC Ortho software to allow for digital scanning of the patient. These scans are then sent via the Internet directly and immediately to Align Technology for the fabrication of the Invisalign aligners.  The gooey physical impressions are no longer necessary.  

Osteoporosis and Dental Implants

Research done at Case Western Reserve University studied 237 post-menopausal women with osteoporosis.  Some had dental impants and others did not.  The well-being and satisfaction with the work, health, emotional and sexual aspects of their lives was examined through a questionaire.  Researchers found that women with dental implants had the highest overall satisfaction.  Fexed bridges scored next highest followed by removeable partial dentures and finally no restoration work or dentures.  Women with dental implants also had the highest satisfaction levels for the emotional and sexual aspects, whereas those without restorations or dentures scored the lowest in these areas.

Dental implants are an acceptible treatment for patients with osteoporosis, however patients taking certain bisphosphonates (particularly by the intravenous route) are more suseptible to infections of the bone following dental surgery.

For more information about this study, click here

Dr. Brown Featured in Summer Brevard Health Care News

Dr. Brown has been featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Brevard Health Care News (click for link).  Brevard Health Care News interviews patients and features their story of how dental implants have improved their lives.



Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure is performed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or the pulp becomes damaged. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

The basics of the root canal procedure are:

  1. ​Tooth becomes infected.
  2. Tooth cleaned and shaped.
  3. Root canal filling placed and sealed.
  4. Final crown is placed.

Many people are afraid of root canal treatment for fear of pain.  Actually, a root canal procedure need not be any different that a simple filling.  When a person waits until they are in a lot of pain with the tooth before seeking treatment, a root canal procedure can be painful.  This is because anesthetics do not work as well in the presence of active infection.  If we can get the patient confortable with antibiotics first, then the anesthetics work quite well and the root canal procedure can be performed without discomfort to the patient.  It is usually the delay in examinations and treatment that results in this active infection. 

Dr. Brown featured in Brevard Health Care News

Dr. Clark Brown is featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Brevard Health Care News.  The article discusses restoring smiles and chewing ability with dental implants.   Two of Dr. Brown's patients tell their story of how dental implants has had a positive effect on their lives. 

Are you a candidate for Dental Implants?

Many people know the benefits of dental implants, but wonder if they would be a good candidate.  Most adults in good health make good candidates for the procedure.  Age is not a limitation.  Dr. Brown has placed successful implants in several people into their 90's.  Available bone is a consideration.  Without available bone, either bone grafting may be required first, or in the case of lower complete dentures an implant type called a subperiosteal implant may be used.  Prior to the procedure, Dr. Brown will order routine blood tests to identify any potential health problems.  The following video may answer most questions as to who would make a good dental implant candidate.  If you have any questions, please schedule a no charge implant consultation to find out if you are a good candidate.



Everyone's talking about Invisalign braces, and for good reason. Invisalign braces have completely transformed the way we think about and experience dental braces. With Invisalign braces, there's no worry about metal brackets and wires that are uncomfortable and unattractive. Invisalign braces include a series of clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible and completely removable. You can eat what you want, drink what you want, and brush and floss more thoroughly to keep your dental health in top shape!  Did you have braces in high school but didn't wear you retainers and now have some crooked teeth?  Invisalign is a great choice in getting your teeth straight again.  Never had braces but wish you had?  Invisalign may be the answer.  Dr. Brown provides a consultation at no charge to determine if Invisalign is a good option for you.  

Bone loss and facial aesthetics

After tooth loss, bone also begins to be lost.  As bone is lost, facial appearance begins to take on a sunken appearance.  Dentures are not an answer, but rather contribute to the problem.  Initially, the dentures can provide support for the sunken appearance, but bone will continue to shrink as pressure is placed upon it from outside forces, such as dentures.  Dentures cannot be made larger to compensate for the continued bone deterioration.  The best option to prevent bone loss is good oral hygiene and regular dental care.  Keeping good teeth and periodontal health will insure proper facial aesthetics.  If teeth are lost, dental implants are the next best choice.  Dental implants will help to maintain and preserve bone.  This in turn helps to maintain and preserve facial aesthetics.  If you want to look and feel your best, take care of your teeth.  If you've already lost teeth, consider having Dr. Brown evaluate you for dental implants so that you can preserve what you have.

Advanced Platlet Rich Fibrin for enhanced Implant healing

Dr. Brown has incorporated the use of Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma (a-PRF), developed by Joseph Choukroun, MD, for dental implant surgery, bone grafting and gingival procedures.  Growth factors are proteins in the body that stimulate wound healing and bone growth.  Growth factors are now routinely used in medicine and are often laboratory manufactured.  Rather than use laboratory manufactured growth factors which have been associated with infrequent complications, a-PRF uses the patient's own growth factors to stimulate healing and bone growth.  Blood is drawn from the patient and a centrifuge spins the patient's blood to concentrate platelets and monocytes in a fibrin clot.  The monocytes release BMP-2, a growth factor that stimulates bone formation. Concentrated platlet cytokines are held in the fibrin clot and gradually released over time, thereby creating a perpetual process of healing.  Lastly, the presence of the leukocytes and cytokines in the fibrin clot can play a significant role in reducing inflammation and infection within the grafted material.  


Dr. Brown Featured In Florida Health Care News

Dr. Clark Brown and Implant Dentistry are featured in the January issue of Florida Health Care News.  This publication is delivered to hospitals and medical professionals' offices throughout Brevard County.  This article can be viewed online at: (click here).

Dr. Brown is a regular lecturer and teacher

Dr. Brown has been on the forefront of digital dentistry. He has incorporated CEREC CAD/CAM dentistry and Galileos 3-D Cone Beam imaging into his practice.  He helps other dentists learn this cutting edge technology by being a regular trainer and lectured for Sirona and Patterson Dental teaching CEREC single visit crowns.

Dr. Brown has also lectured nationally on CEREC technology and on guided dental implant surgery.  He performed a live patient CEREC single visit crown demonstration at the 2012 Florida National Dental Convention.

Dr. Brown was honored to have been selected to perform a live patient guided dental implant surgery demonstration at the 2013 Florida National Dental Convention.

Dr. Brown works closely with Sirona as a consultant and tester in developing new products and software.

Dr. Brown publishes iBook on Galileos 3-D imaging and CEREC guided dental implant surgery

Dr. Brown has written and published an iBook titled "Galileos Cone-Beam and CEREC Integration".  This book is free in the iBookstore (Apple).  It covers basic diagnosis with cone-beam imaging and also the steps in designing dental implant surgical guides.  It has been downloaded hundreds of times in countries throughout the world.

"Galileos Cone Beam and CEREC Integration" by Clark F. Brown, Jr. DDS

New guidelines for antibiotic coverage for patients with joint replacement

A panel of experts was convened by the American Dental Association Council of Scientific Affairs in 2014 to develop evidence based guidelines for the use of prophylactic antibiotic coverage in patients with prosthetic joints who are undergoing dental procedures.  The evidence based guidelines were developed in 2012 by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Dental Association. In 2014, the panel concluded that the best evidence failed to demonstrate an association between dental procedures and prosthetic joint infections. Based upon the best evidence available, Prophylactic antibiotics are NOT recommended for patients with prosthetic joint replacements who are undergoing dental procedures.  For patients with a histoty of joint infectionsor complications, consultation with the patient's orthopedic physician is advised to determine if prophylactic antibiotic coverage is appropriate for these individuals.

Dental Implants and Smoking

Smoking carries numerous health risks.  But these health risks aren't limited to just cancers.  Routine dental implants may also be efffected.  Studied done during the past 5 years have demonstrated twice the dental implant failure rate (4% vs. 2%) amoung smokers vs. non-smokers.  Minor complications occurred at a higher rate with smokers (at 46%).  Implants that were immediately loaded, as in "Teeth in a Day", had a 63% complication rate in smokers whereas when the implants are placed in the bone and covered, then allowed to heal first, the complication rate dropped to 27% (in smokers).  While most complications do not lead to failure, it can lead to delayed healing and more postoperative discomfort. Smoking constricts blood vessels.  Blood flow is necessary in both tissue and bone regeneration. With a diminished blood flow, healing is also diminished.  While smoking is not a contraindication to implant placement, it is in the patient's best interest to refrain from smoking or cut down to under 10/day in order to decrease complications and failures.

ZOOM! Whitening

If you're pressed for time but still want the best that teeth whitening has to offer, ZOOM! whitening could be perfect for you. With ZOOM! whitening, bright, white teeth can be yours in about an hour. Using light activated whitening gel, ZOOM! whitening is fast, safe and more effective than take-home whitening kits. Whether you're a busy professional, have a special event coming up or just want a smile boost, ZOOM! whitening is great for just about everyone.