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Invisalign is an incredible advance in the process of straightening crooked and misaligned teeth. Teeth can be straightened in a matter of months rather than years without braces.  The patient wears a series of clear, comfortable aligners similar to bleaching trays.  These aligners are worn continuously, except for eating and cleaning.  Invisalign provides greater aesthetics during treatment, improved ability to clean your teeth, much more comfort, and no eating restrictions.

The technology used in this process is remarkable.  Digital images are taken with the CEREC Omnicam (summer 2015 - traditional PVS impressions until then).  These digital images are transmitted to Align Technology.  Align Technology then digitally moves the teeth to an ideal position. Once the final position is approved, the computer designs between 5 and 15 aligners corresponding to the various stages of tooth movement.  The patient wears each aligner for a two week period before progressing to the next aligner.



Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign.  Successful treatment is dependent upon patient compliance with wearing of the aligners.  Severe malocclusions may not be appropriate for Invisalign treatment.  In these cases, Dr. Brown works with some of the best orthodontists in Brevard.