What Are Dentures?

Dentures | Melbourne FLHaving teeth that are missing causes many problems. You may not be able to eat properly, talk clearly or keep your gums healthy. Dentures are special appliances that we use to replace missing teeth, as well as the tissues around the tooth sockets. The appliances are removable and can be used to replace all the teeth or just some of the teeth.

Candidates for Dentures

Dentures are recommended for patients:

  • Who are missing several or all the upper and/or lower teeth
  • With adequate jaw bone and soft tissue
  • Who are not good candidates for dental implants

Full vs. Partial Dentures

The primary difference between full and partial dentures is the number of teeth that are replaced. Full dentures are used for patients who are missing all the teeth. For patients who are missing several, but not all, of the teeth, partial dentures are recommended.

Dentures Process

We make custom dentures for you to ensure a proper fit, and the process requires several appointments. During the first appointment, we take impressions and measurements of your jaw. The impression is used to form a temporary mold. You place the mold in your mouth, and we make any needed adjustments. Your feedback about the fit is important. The mold is then sent to a lab that will create your permanent dentures. When we receive the dentures, you come in for a final fitting.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

High-quality dentures that are fit properly typically last five to eight years, although this depends on how well you care for your dentures and gums. You can maximize the lifetime of your dentures by having them adjusted as needed and following best practices for dentures care and oral hygiene.

Dentures Care and Maintenance

Caring for your dentures involves steps that you follow throughout the day, as well as regular cleaning.

    1. After you eat, remove your dentures and rinse them with water.
    2. Full and partial dentures are made from thin plastic, so be careful when handling your dentures.
    3. Each time that you remove your dentures, brush your teeth and use gauze to clean the soft tissues. You should do this at least once each day, but preferably twice per day.
    4. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your dentures with a non-abrasive cleaner specifically for dentures. Be sure to spend extra time cleaning the ridges where denture adhesive and food particles may hide.
    5. Soaking your dentures overnight helps keep them moist. If your dentures dry out, they may lose shape. You can use regular water or a special solution that is made for soaking dentures.
    6. After you clean or soak your dentures, rinse them before you put them in your mouth.
    7. Routine dental examinations and fittings help prevent problems with your oral hygiene and dentures.

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Dentures are great options for men and women who are missing several teeth or more. To learn more about your options for full or partial dentures, Contact Implant Dentistry of Florida. You can contact our Melbourne, Florida, office directly at (321) 259-9429.

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