Laurent M.

“During a forty-five-minute meeting, Dr. Brown explained exactly what he was going to do and what my mouth would look like with the bridge. I was satisfied with what he said, so we started the process the next week. The finished bridge is excellent… everything is perfect.”

Debbie S.

“When I met Dr. Brown, I thought he was very knowledgeable, and I felt I could trust him. He recommended crowns on a few teeth and then the bridge, and he explained why he suggested that. It made sense to me that instead of getting the bad teeth pulled one at a time, it was smarter to take them out all at once, then place the bridge. I love my smile now. It looks amazing.”

Rosemarie B.

“The bridge is beautiful… I had a picture from when I was twenty-two, and I showed it to them and asked if they could make the teeth in the bridge look the way my teeth looked then. Now, they look like my own teeth.”

William R.

“There were no problems at all, … It was the best dental experience I’ve had in my life.” William Reichley

Robert B.

“I recommend Dr. Brown to people all the time. His clinic is wonderful and so is his staff. I can only say good things about Dr. Brown and what he has done for my life.” Robert Barnes

Christopher R.

“Dr. Brown is great. The whole staff is great. They know what they’re doing. The staff is nice and they calmed me down. Going to the dentist isn’t always the most pleasant thing, but they assured me everything was going to be okay.” Christopher Rasmussen

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