Full Arch Restoration with Implants

A healthy, attractive smile is not complete when there are diseased or failing teeth. At Implant Dentistry of Florida in Melbourne, Our Team utilizes the latest proven techniques to restore the structure, appearance, and health in your smile.

What Is Full Arch Restoration with Implants?

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Many patients who are in need of tooth replacement have remaining teeth that are in poor condition. Full Arch Restoration with Implants is a process in which our doctors remove diseased or failing teeth, inserts dental implants, and affixes a full set of natural-looking artificial teeth. At the conclusion of treatment, the artificial teeth are situated over dental implants and have comparable chewing capabilities as natural teeth.

How Full Arch Restoration with Implants Works

Full Arch Restoration with Implants treatment is intended to restore optimal chewing function and appearance without the typical wait time associated with tooth replacement. The majority of the process is dedicated to planning. Taking meticulous steps before the day of treatment, such as diagnostic imaging and creating a surgical guide, we are able to approach the tooth replacement procedure with everything in place to reach completion in a single day.

Benefits Of Full Arch Restoration with Implants

There are several benefits gained by inserting dental implants and a temporary denture immediately following tooth extraction. Our patients appreciate being able to leave the office with a new, fully intact smile. As the implants heal within the jawbone and become fully stabilized, additional benefits occur. These include:

  • Healthy teeth support a well-balanced diet. The stability gained with dental implants allows patients to enjoy soft foods, crunchy foods, dense foods, and slightly chewy foods. This makes it possible to obtain optimal nutrition through a widely varied diet.
  • When upper dentures are affixed to dental implants, there is no need to cover the palate. Many people don’t realize that the upper palate is involved in how well we taste food. Leaving this part of the mouth intact, Full Arch Restoration with Implants treatment supports the pleasure of eating which, in turn, sustains quality of life.
  • Dentures that are not affixed to implants are known to cause discomfort along the ridge of the gum line. This stems from movement and friction between the gums and dentures. Dental implants placed during the treatment procedure become encased in bone. The implant posts do not move, which means dentures will not move during chewing.
  • Stability is also necessary for confidence. Your natural teeth did not slip or fall out. Your replacement teeth shouldn’t either. Implant-supported dentures stay put when you speak, eat, laugh, and go about your daily activities. This enables you to live with the utmost confidence.
  • Dental implant posts are intended to take the place of natural roots in more ways than one. The primary action of implants is to stabilize replacement teeth. At the same time, implants supply the jawbone with the stimulation that is needed to sustain bone density. The bone loss that is common in the absence of natural teeth can be decreased significantly by inserting implants.

Am I a Candidate for Full Arch Restoration with Implants?

Full Arch Restoration with Implants is suitable for adults who:

  • Have missing or failing teeth.
  • Have generally healthy gums.
  • Have sufficient jawbone structure to support dental implants.
  • Do not have a health condition that could inhibit bone and tissue healing.
  • Are interested in immediate results from tooth replacement.
  • Want a treatment that achieves the longest-lasting results.
  • Do not have oral habits or lifestyle habits, such as teeth-grinding or smoking, that could negatively affect the function of dentures and dental implants.
  • Are committed to practicing good oral hygiene after treatment.

We want the best possible outcome for each of our patients. Before recommending teeth in day treatment, we conduct a comprehensive consultation and examination to ensure we can meet their goals.

What Our Patients Say

“What a great office. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Brown is the best. I needed implants and the whole process went smoothly. I wouldn’t go any where else.” – Sandy G.

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How long will the Full Arch Restoration with Implants appointment take?

Though the details of the surgery are mapped out in advance, each step of the reconstructive process takes time. The duration of this appointment is influenced by the number of teeth we will remove, the number of implants that will be placed (a single implant can take 30 minutes), and the necessity to make adjustments to the temporary crown or denture. We will do our best to estimate the amount of time you can expect to be in the office so you can plan accordingly.

How to prepare for a Full Arch Restoration with Implants Procedure

Our staff provides the necessary information to help patients adequately prepare for their restorative procedures. In general, there are very few matters to address before tooth replacement with dental implants. Patients who smoke will need to quit approximately 1 month before their procedure. The use of nicotine gum or products needs to stop 2 weeks before implant surgery. Certain medications and supplements that increase the risk of bleeding need to be avoided for 7 to 10 days before treatment. If antibiotics or other medication has been prescribed to take after implant surgery, these medications should be picked up before the day of treatment. Finally, patients who are undergoing oral conscious sedation or IV sedation need to arrange to have someone drive them to their appointment and stay with them for a short time once they return home.

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What Is The Procedure Like For Full Arch Restoration with Implants?

Steps involved in Full Arch Restoration with Implants treatment include:

  1. Comprehensive oral exam and diagnostic imaging. Multiple types of images may be obtained to develop a 360-degree view of the mouth that includes teeth, the jawbone, and surrounding anatomy. These images help the dentist determine the best placement for dental implants.
  2. Using a detailed surgical guide, the dentist extracts teeth before situating four or more dental implants in preselected points along the jawbone. The top portion of each implant is left exposed so temporary dentures created from images and impressions of the mouth can be immediately affixed to them.
  3. Detailed instructions for post-treatment care are provided. This includes how patients should brush and what they can eat to support the optimal healing of implants beneath the gums.
  4. Over the course of several months, swelling from implant surgery will subside and implants will gain full stability in the jawbone. After this has occurred, a final denture can be attached. Artificial teeth are made to withstand normal chewing and to both look and feel like natural teeth.

Is the Full Arch Restoration with Implants procedure painful?

Dental procedures, including tooth extractions and dental implant surgery, are made comfortable through the use of local anesthetic. Before treatment, the dentist administers lidocaine into the gums to numb nerve endings. This technique provides adequate comfort for patients. However, we understand that undergoing dental treatment can create emotional stress. We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible for their procedure. Therefore, we also offer sedation services that enhance the effects of local anesthetic while also soothing the nervous system. Patients may choose from nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation.

Recovery After Full Arch Restoration with Implants

Patients are typically prepared for mild swelling and discomfort for a few days after their procedure. In some cases, minor bruising may occur. During this time, over-the-counter pain medication is usually sufficient for pain management. A week to 10 days after the procedure, most normal activities can be resumed, including many usual eating habits. When it comes to dietary choices, if food is questionable, we encourage patients to contact our office before including it in a meal.

Are there any risks associated with Full Arch Restoration with Implants?

The risks of Full Arch Restoration with Implants are very similar to those associated with traditional implants. These risks include infection and bleeding, which rarely occur and can be managed with prompt treatment.

The primary risk associated with same-day implant treatment is that there may be a greater chance of the implants shifting, degrading the quality of integration within the jawbone. The success of same-day implants depends on the adequate fusion between inserted fixtures and bone tissue. The fixation of a temporary denture or crown over the implants does not imply that the implant or implants are protected from the force. Patients must follow the recovery guidelines provided to them to keep post-operative risks to a minimum. 

Does insurance cover Full Arch Restoration with Implants?

We understand that it can be challenging to navigate the costs associated with Full Arch Restoration with Implants treatments and how those costs may be covered. The amount of insurance coverage a patient has will largely depend on their insurance plan. Some insurance companies cover portions of the dental implant process, such as tooth extractions, but not others, such as the costs of the custom abutments that are necessary to affix artificial teeth to the implants. We are committed to helping patients understand the factors that contribute to the cost of treatment and how to manage to get their smiles back.

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